Celtic Heroes Database

Welcome, heroes! This is a constantly updating database of the items, skills, enemies, and quests in the mobile MMO Celtic Heroes.

Important! This website is not affiliated with Celtic Heroes or One Thumb Mobile in any official way. I am just another player looking to help others out with a collective database.

~Eragon123, Sulis~

Era's Updates - May 23, 2018

The new Corrupted Gardens update to Celtic Heroes brings a new endgame boss to the table, several new quests, new boss fights, new gear, and upgrades to the Exalted Dragonlord Offhand weapons! The new items, mobs, skills, and NPCs from this update will be slowly added in to this database as I have time.

Currently I am also working on adding item images, cleaning up the search methods, adding Map and Quest pages, and implementing other new features to the database.

If you have any feedback about this website, whether it is a new feature you think would be useful, comments on the design, something that is broken etc. Please Contact me!