Because the official game stat formulas are not made public, these calculators are likely to be off by a few points more or less

When adding up your stats, don't forget to include buffs from any auras you may have (such as dragonlord/exalted dragonlord aura, garanak set aura, etc). If the result you get seems higher or lower than you would expect, double check to make sure you don't have any skills active, and that you didn't miss any buffs on your equipped gear. It is quite possible that these calculators will not be 100% accurate, but they should be very close...any difference of more than 5-15 points may be an input mistake

These formulas are available and accurate thanks to a lot of research and calculations by dozens of players over the years. These calculators wouldn't be possible without them.

Damage Calculator

The formula used for calculating Damage was initially created by Papi, then later edited by Swan and posted onto the forums here. I have tweaked that formula and adjusted it to be a little more accurate over a larger range.

- Weapon Ability is the ability for your mainhand weapon (Sword Ability for Sword, etc)

- Physical Damage types: Slash, Pierce, Crush

- Elemental Damage types: Heat, Cold, Magic, Poison, Divine

Attack Calculator

Each point in Dexterity adds +1 to your Attack stat, then it adds your currently equipped weapon ability, then it adds in all Attack buffs from gear.

Defence Calculator

Each point in Dexterity adds +2 to your Defence stat, then it adds in all Defence buffs from gear.

Health Calculator

The Health calculation comes out to about 6.25 health per vitality point, with any extra health bonuses added in afterward.

Energy Calculator

The Energy calculation comes out to about 6.25 energy per focus point. Your total equipment weight is then factored into the equation, and then any extra energy bonuses are added in afterward.