The Boss drops for the Yule 2014 event

There are 4 new bosses with this event. Each boss has 2 variations a Monolith (6 stars) that drops 3 items and an Obelisk (5 stars) that drops 1 item. The Monolith of Tempests (lvl 50/6*) and Obelisk of Storms (lvl 50/5*) is located in Lir's Reach - West of the Tavern by the waterfall. The Monolith of Tornadoes (lvl 100/6*) and Obelisk of Gales (lvl 100/5*) is located Fingal's Cave - West of the MacLir Camp leystone. The Monolith of Hurricanes (lvl 150/6*) and Obelisk of Typhoons (lvl 150/5*) is located Carrowmore Tunnels - North of the Fianna Camp leystone. And last the Monolith of the Malestrom (lvl 200/6*) and Obelisk of Whirlwinds (lvl 200/5*) is located in Lir's Reach - Stone Circle.